Mechanical Ventilation

Balanced Mechanical Ventilation – HRV vs ERV – a discussion from


Building science experts have identified reducing air leakage as a key component in improving building energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Building codes, above-code efficiency programs, and building practices recognize continuous ventilation must be a component of every building design.

Mechanical ventilation options found in the Code and in previous blogs include exhaust, supply, or a combination of exhaust and supply ventilators. The most effective and efficient combination of exhaust and supply ventilation is with Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) or Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV). Both include heat exchangers to recover heat or energy from the exhaust air stream. For decades experts generally identified ERVs for use in humid climates and HRVs for use in dry climates, but experience and history have shown that ERVs work well in both humid and dry climates.

Our partners in training, Construction Instruction’s Mark Liberte, Gord Cooke, and Justin Wilson recently published an excellent and detailed discussion titled HRVs vs ERVs – which details the various systems and design considerations by climate zone. This discussion may be found on the Construction Instruction app, or at:


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